March 20, 2016
Sissy Phone Sex
May 12, 2016


Oh no!  Looks like my  Adult bABy just made a poopy in their diaper.  Come here honey let mommy change you! Mommy will pick you up and gives you baby kisses as we walk down the hallway to take you back to the nursery.  As we enter your room you can see it is just a beautiful nursery, the perfect one for my sweet little Sissy Baby.  I will lay you down on the changing table undo the tapes on your diaper.  Then I will take a warm wipe and wipe your little wee wee, then I’ll wipe your little balls, followed by wiping your cute little bottom.  I’ll take that diaper and I toss it in the diaper pail! I’ll grab the new Bambino Bellisimo diaper and slide it under your little bottom. Then I’ll take the nursery jelly and apply some on my fingers, and gently put some on your behind and your little balls and your wee wee.  Time to put the baby powder on! Then we close up that diaper and slide on your pretty purple plastic panties with the little side snaps. If you want to know what outfit I will put you in for the day then give me a call and we can continue this conversation with some ABDL mommy phone sex or to come meet all the Beautiful Mommies click here to chat 🙂




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