Diaper changes with your ABDL Mommy
April 9, 2016
Small Penis Humiliation
May 12, 2016

forced bi phone sex

So today was a really good day for me. I had an old caller of mine call me up for some long needed sissifcation phone sex! She always tells me how envious of my figure she is and how good my ass looks in yoga pants. Whenever she calls the first thing we do is go to the closet and both pick out our hottest pair of yoga pants. She loves to grope and smack my ass while check out how hot we look in the mirror. Once we’re all dolled up and sexy we continue with the routine we have by going to the hottest clubs in town and dominating the dance floor. We love to bump and grind against each other while we sway our hips and dance. The guys wanted to be with us and the girls wanted to be us! Who can blame them though when you look this good! She always makes me realize how much I love sissy phone sex



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