Behave Yourself!
March 20, 2016
Diaper changes with your ABDL Mommy
April 9, 2016

Well hello there my little ABDL friends! I’m so glad you’ve come to visit your Nanny Ella today. I hope you’ve been a good little bABy, because if not, your little bottom is mine! Oh yes, I can be a nice, sweet nanny to nice, sweet little boys and girls. But in order to turn naughty boys and girls into sweet ones, they have to learn who is in charge. Oh, I know the kind of little one you are – mommy’s sweet little girl until you get to your nanny’s nursery, and then you turn into miss priss! I don’t think so, not in my nursery! It’s ok if you don’t believe me, you’ll see for yourself soon enough. I know that little sassy bottom has been spanked more than once, which is why I have plenty of other tricks up my sleeve. If you think a spanking is the worst thig that can happen to your bottom, then you’ll be in for a rude awakening when I pull out my enema bag and butt plugs to use on you! So be warned! When you visit Nanny Ella, you’d better be the best diaper boy you can, or else!


~ Nanny Ella~


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