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February 15, 2013
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February 19, 2013
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dommy mommy play

Dommy mommy play is simply put Sexy! I am sweet and responsible on one hand being a mommy,

changing diapers and keeping my abie on the right path to be good. On the other hand when abie is not so

good my domina side come out to deal with punishing the offender of my broken rules. I instruct my naughty

little abie to be ready for what ever I deem needs to be done about the misbehavior but they never are ready for

what I have to dish out. On their little knees they try to keep me from tanning little bottoms and it does not work

they always end up on the business end of my paddle or whip if the need is more severe for the method of discipline. Have you been bad to night ? I can see by your smile you might need some time over my knee.



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