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August 9, 2013
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August 14, 2013
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dommy mommy lullabye


They call me dommy mommy a wicked Mistress

that does not give out kisses! Get on your knees and stifle your

plea’s. I will leave you in that diaper to rot if it suit’s me.

Nothing come’s to a sissy that misbehave’s this easy.

Now I lay you down to sleep you will get a hard spanking if I hear a peep.

you can see if your secret I will keep.

Pathetic sissy slut with a hard on for smut I know

just how to make you look cheap.

With some dark red lipstick here and some fishnet’s too

Is it any wonder no one want’s to do you?

You are a worthless waste of skin you see and I will make you

pay for mis-behaving in front of me, stay on your knee’s.




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