dommy mommy lullabye
August 12, 2013
Closet Sissy gets Blackmailed
August 16, 2013

Now that we have your attention....


As the sedative begins to wear off, you realize you are in more trouble than you’ve ever been in before.  The hemp rope cuts into your wrists when you try to struggle, and it doesn’t take long for the anger to turn to shear panic.  Your bitchy wife is tied up next to you, screaming at you to do something.  And just what does the air headed fool expect you to do?  There’s nowhere to run.  We’ve made sure of that.

The two of you are here to pay for your cruel actions.  A little taste of your own medicine should make you much more accepting of others, don’t you think?

You see, I’m sick and tired of you being mean to my darling friend.  He’s done nothing to you, and yet you think you’re better than him.  You belittle him every chance you get, so today I’m going to even up the score.

For every taunt, every cruel joke, and every teasing gesture you’ve aimed at are going to live out today.

I’m his friend, his willing accomplice and his protector.  Today, you will pay for your transgressions, slowly and painfully, so that the lesson sticks with you.

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