Petticoat Humiliation
January 20, 2013
Does Abby Want A Baba?
January 25, 2013
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I enjoy many varieties of abdl punishments one of my favorites is when you crave being dominated.

You do not need all the adult clothing you came here with so off with it now!

Very well now I need to find a way to keep you quiet, a paci gag will do nicely.

I think that I should take pictures of you down there on your knees I bet your tough biker friends would have

alot of fun seeing you like that all helpless and they might even blow up the picture and throw darts at it while

they drink laughing how completely silly & frilly you look in your corset and thick white diaper.

Now that you are down there I think you should clean the floor with your toothbrush make sure I can see

my sweet smile in it or you will do it all over again.

I forgot tell you we have a few of your old girl friends coming to make fun of you and throw diapers at you as you work. You are such a loser try not to cry or you will make me laugh harder!




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