Mommy’s Sweet Pie
November 26, 2012
Sissy Décor
November 30, 2012

I searched alot of places for that perfect dress for you as you know i hate shopping as it is but this was actually alot of fun.I looked thru a load of dresses and outfits and decided on this one don’t stand and look at me like this i know you are a sissy boi and that is how you will be dressed from now on.

I also bought some shoes and tights for you to wear under this pretty dress with a cute lil cape and these white tights over that diapered butt hehehe.So what if your cousins don’t know now they will think they will laugh at you and make loads of fun i think so yes but that is what happens at times.If they do maybe we can dress them up also.I know you enjoy being a pretty lil sissy boi.



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