June 17, 2014
My Little Sissy
June 22, 2014

I am a very lucky Mommy.  One of my callers loves to role play that he comes to my house because I have adopted him away from his parents.  During his first day with me we do a lot of things.  First off we have to get him out of his boy clothes and into something more appropriate: a diaper, rhumba panties, and a sweet little dress.  Then off to the salon to have her hair done, curled and dyed to match mine of course.  Of course there is a catch to all of this.  You see, my brand new baby girl must be restrained in some way or another, either with a bunting bag or wrist and ankle restraints or something a bit more severe for bedtime.  This way the acclamation process is faster.  Until next time sweet one, your Mommy is thinking about you.




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