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June 21, 2014
Diaper Sex
June 22, 2014
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My Little Sissy




“My pretty little sissy baby. Where are you?” I turn the corner into your nursery. There you are sitting on the carpet in your pink sun dress.. The one with the tiny little yellow flowers on it. You know it’s my favorite because you look so adorable in it. The way the end ruffles up and I can see your diaper. I bet you would look even cuter if I put some rumba panties on you wouldnt you? I walk inside of your room and pick you up. “Well lookie at the baby!” I cover your face with smooches holding you close to me. Uh oh do i smell something? I raise you up and sniff your bottom. Oh you bet I do. Somebody needs to be changed. I set you down and tell you i’ll be right back. It’s time for a sissy diaper change.




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