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March 28, 2012
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March 31, 2012
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Adult Baby Tee Shirts: Thoughtful Gift or Diabolical Punishment?

So whatcha think?  I was trying to come up with a unique Easter basket stuffer, and I thought, why not a cute little tee shirt with a “personal” touch.  What a thoughtful mommy I am.  So I got out my box of sharpies and iron-ons and tracing paper and stretched my artistic muscles, so to speak.  Throw into the mix a few plain tee shirts, and a fierce brain storming session, and whaala!  Cute little diaper Tees.

Now anyone who knows me knows that there is always the possibility of something a bit more…sinister… laying in waits just below the sweet and thoughtful facade that I can present to the world.  And I have to admit there just might be a double duty to my cute and seemingly innocent diaper tees.

Around the house I know my little ones will wear them proudly and with enthusiasm.  But be naughty and unruly, and I may turn those wondrous tokens of love into a tool of mortifying discipline.  Imagine your face as you have one of these adorable tees on when I announce we need to go out to the mall.

Now it’s one thing to have to wear your diaper in public under your big boy pants, but its quite another wearing a billboard stating as much (I personally like the pink one the best, teeheehee).  I figure by the end of our excursion, ¾ of the populous at the mall will know you are a diaper wearing, diaper using Adult Baby.

Happy Easter Little Ones!!



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