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March 27, 2012
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Phone a Mommy Diaper Punishment by Mizz Rebecca


"Phone a Mommy Diaper Punishment"


So you have failed a lot of your class assignments lately and your teacher who is a very Beautiful, Powerful and Stern Woman has been constantly on your case. Not only that but the last week you have been waking up to a soaking wet bed. Yes, you have been Incompetent in more ways then one…..a Diaper Punishment is on order!

Doing poorly on your assignments will indeed have its repercussions. It may cost you having to repeat my class again next year, can you just imagine the embarrassment and ridicule you will face? But no, I am not going to fail you just yet, that would be much too easy. Since your ABMommy has informed me of your Incontinence at home I think we might try another form of humiliation to get your attention! Give you one more chance to straighten up your act before the semester is over.

Wearing Diapers will become Mandatory both at home and during class and a daily spanking will become routine. You will receive your punishments in front of your fellow classmates and they will then have the DiaperBoi stand up in front of class and write on the chalk board whatever they see fit.

Your Diaper Punishment begins tomorrow…..See you in class !

Mizz Rebecca



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