Pegging Phone Sex
July 25, 2016
Don’t you dare touch that!
August 8, 2016
tawnyphonesexDon’t think I don’t see you spitting your peas out and giving them to the dog! You’re a bad, bad boy! Now I am going to strap your arms down and force feed you since you don’t want to listen and eat for mommy! Now open your mouth, now! Adult baby! Don’t make me ask you again!  You’re about to be punished! Now say ahhh good boy! Chew, swallow now!  Why do you fight me every step of the way when it comes to eating? Do you like to be punished? I think you like your spankings! Why did you just let that whole bit just run out of your mouth like that? That’s it! I am taking you out of this high chair and bending you over my knee and pulling down your diaper and grabbing the hair brush and giving you 50 swats maybe next time you will think twice before spitting your food out! Call me for some !ABDL phone sex
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