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July 26, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Don’t you dare touch that!

diaper chastity

Oh what fun I’m gonna have with you this morning. Mommy woke up in such a Playful mood. I’m sure you’re so hungry after a long night of sleeping. Come to mommy baby I know you want to be breastfed. Mommy loves the connection too.

HEY! Get your hand out of there! Mommy did not give you permission to play with that! Don’t you dare touch that!! You know what? I’ve had enough. Since you want to be so disobedient I’m just gonna get the chastity belt on you. I know how much you just love wearing that thing. Makes you want to scream. I guess that’s just the price you’re gonna have to pay for being a bad baby! You know what else would go great with the belt? A frilly pink sissy dress and a hair bow! Now you can be mommy’s little sissy slut for the remainder of the day. You just don’t have a choice.



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