Bare Bottom
April 9, 2011
Purple Shoes
April 11, 2011


That’s where mommy makes you sit when you have once again messed your dirty little diaper, and right after mommy has changed you and made you all clean again. Sometimes mommy makes you sit in that chair for just a little while. And other times mommy makes you sit in “the chair” for a very very long time. Until your messy little tushy is almost numb! I warned you, naughty little Abies’ come to me for aby training not for feeding time. Don’t let my sweet and innocent look fool you. Don’t get me wrong there are times when mommy is sweet and loving! But don’t screw up or you can only imagine what could be coming to you! So if you know that you are in need of training and discipline, I am the mommy that will show you how to be a good, sweet and disciplined Aby!


Dommy Mommy Lexus


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