A World Made for Two
April 8, 2011
Time out chair
April 11, 2011


That’s the type of punishment you get for not listening to mommy’s instructions. Mommy has a special thing that she does to her naughty Aby’s that continue to disobey. Bare bottom spankings, until you little tushy turns bright red! I put you over my knee and let you know just how disappointed mommy is in you.  I never give you more then 3 spanks. I use a few different things on your bare bottom depending on just how naughty you have been. Sometimes the hairbrush, sometimes mommys hand and sometimes mommy uses a little pink paddle to turn that tushy bright red. I know you don’t enjoy feeling the intense sting with each spank! Remember Dommy Mommy Lexus thrives on punishment and expect the best behavior always from her darling little Aby!

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