Time out chair
April 11, 2011
Foot fetish
April 14, 2011

Purple FlatsI love it when this guy calls me he is such a prissy sissy but no one knows this in his personal life.He calls and wants these assignments that i have him to do and he so enjoys this.Well the other day he calls and we chat for awhile then i ask him now what am i going to do with you this time lol he says i don’t know what do you have in mine.

Now needless to say i thought of this because he does love being a little sissy and figured some humilation to play into this also would be fun.So i had him to go and purchase a pair of purple flats and he was to wear them the next day all day to work now gets this he walks most of the time to and from work and lunch and wears this very expensive business suit.Then he was to send me a pic of his cute little shoes.


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