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September 4, 2011
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September 4, 2011
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The sissy fairies

The Sissy Fairies

The Sissy Fairies are so sweet! They love to spread magic and joy wherever they go!

They dance and prance in the Enchanted Forest, dressed  in all manner of girly clothes!

In tutus and tiaras, or pink frilly dresses, they float and flutter through the sky!

As they twirl and sparkle, they’ll sing you a song — the Sissy’s Lullaby:

“Oh, my sweet sissy,

you just look so pretty

when you don those ruffled, lacey things!

“Now it’s time for bed,

so lay down your head,

and we’ll give you the loveliest dreams:

“Of makeup and flowers

and mommy’s magical powers

to transform you into a girl!

“Of silk stockings and joys

of winking at boys

as you sashay your way through the world!

“Femininity is luxurious!

It’s OK if you’re curious

to try out life as a sissy!

So just keep in mind,

in this roleplay you’ll find:

That there’s no such thing as ‘too prissy'”

Mommy Crissy, 1*888*430*2010

And remember, Mommy Crissy specializes in abdl, sissification, mommy fetish, and diaper fetish, just to name a few!

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