Mommy Tawny Teases Her Abdl
December 10, 2018
Choosing An Abdl Diaper
January 4, 2019

Watching my sissy slut of a boyfriend on my apartment’s cameras was hot all on its own, but after a couple days I was ready to reveal that I had been spying on his little fetish parties for one in my living room. I planned an evening of humiliation phone sex that he would never forget. I put on a sexy set of mature lingerie and pulled up the camera feeds on my laptop. Seeing him obliviously rub his cuckold cock through my lacy panties, unaware of the coming domination session, made me smile with glee as I called him up. “I know your sissy secret, Brayden.” I watched as he gasped, covering up his sissy outfit with his hands frantically. “From now on, you will address me as Mommy. I am no longer your girlfriend, I am your dominant.”


Mommy Jackie


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