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August 14, 2012
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The Pink Plastic Punishment Pants

“I warned you, didn’t I?  Why is it that you can’t seem to get yourself up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom like all the other boys??”

I have once again found his bet wet in the morning.  This was the last straw. At times I think he does it just to infuriate me.  Grabbing him by the wrist, I drag him into my bedroom.  Standing him in front of me, I strip every piece of clothing off him, wet pj bottoms, Underoos and all.

“If you think I am going to allow you to get away with wetting your bed night after night, you are sadly mistaken little boy.  You will learn – if I have to beat your defiance out of you ‘til you are bruised and welted, then I will.”

My hand goes up, and comes down on his bare bottom with a crack that rings through the air.  He flinches at the sharp stinging; a cry escapes from his lips.  His spankings continue, one harsh slap after another; I am unrelenting as they rain down on his burning butt cheeks, each more painful then the previous.  Then, without warning, with the next swat of my hand, his bladder gives way.  His muscles that were knotted just a moment ago relax as the release of the warm fluid spreads, filling him an oh-so-brief soothing sensation…but then…

“OH MY GOD!!!  I can’t believe you just did that!! You pissed on my lap?? Really?  Think you are being funny?? Well, I will teach you a lesson you will never, EVER forget funny boy!!”

With me at my boiling point, I stand him up, leaving him frozen in fear, standing there, urine still trickling down his legs, his tushie deep red and throbbing from the recent spankings, not knowing what to do.  I go in the other room, and come back with a pair of pink plastic pants.

“Come on little girl, step in your piddling pants.”

In complete shock, he steps into them robotically.  I inspect them, making sure the pink plastic pants are firmly in place; satisfied with my handy work, I continue his spanking.  The pants were wet and hot and magnified the pain of the punishment exponentially, as well as his wails.

This was his initiation to this kind of spankings in the future.  From there on out, when ever he was bad, he was told to get his pink plastic pants and prepare for a good spanking.

And that is how the pink plastic punishment pants came to be…

Mommy Maggie



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