Unwrap your sexy mommy
December 23, 2013
smelly diaper’s and paddled ass’s
December 31, 2013

Well, you have heard of The 12 Days of Christmas, yes?  Well I thought in celebration of the New Year rolling in, there should be The 12 Punishments of the New Year.


And so, without further ado (and in no particular order), may I present to you –

The 12 Punishments of the New Year

1.  Spanking/Paddling

2.  Enema

3.  Diaper Punishment

4.  Cock and Ball Torture

5.  Public Humiliation

6.  Electroshock Treatments

7.  Forced Bi/Rape

8.  Sissy Slut Training

9.  Insertions

10. Waxing

11. Human Toilet



…and finally, the twelfth punishment on the list (drum role please)…

12.  Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)


Now, being the kind, sweet soul that I am, I will let you choice which one on the list we will start with first.


Shall we begin?



Long, deep kisses,




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