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February 6, 2012
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February 7, 2012
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The “Boogey Mommy” of the AB Community

The main stream world may have the boogey man to strike fear into the hearts of defiant little ones, but the AB world has me – I am the “Boogey Mommy” of the AB community.  Stories of me are passed down from mommies to adult-babies and sissies alike.  A mere threat to send them to me will usually change the most unruly of Abies into a compliant and adoring little one.

My punishments are whispered about in darkened shadows, back street alleys, playpens and nurseries near and far.   They are the source of Abies’ nightmares – that which will wake an Abie, tears streaming down their cute little flushed cheeks, promising to be the bestest little baby in the whole wide world, if their mommy would only promise to never ever send them to me.

But then there are ones that do not believe in the tales that are told of me.  They believe that it could not be as awful as the rumors foretold.  They are naughty, defiant, and believe that they can get away with whatever they do – those are the ones that are sent to me, to my nursery that resides in my dungeon.  There they learn for themselves that I show no mercy; that I am quite versed in the ways of attitude adjustments, and I derive great pleasure in making little ones bend to my will – it is a surreal experience to say the least.

And when I have finished with their “treatments” (they say punishments, I say treatments…tomāto, tomăto), those naughty ABies are sweet and loving and the most well behaved of little ones.  Of course there is the occasional nightmares afterwards – ones in which they relive their visit with the “Boogey Mommy” of the AB community, but it is a side effect that I am willing to live with.

Your Dommy Mommy Lexus

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