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February 5, 2012
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ABDL Valentine Special at Phone a Mommy


"ABDL Valentine Special at Phone a Mommy"

Is your cupid’s arrow pointed at a particular ABDL Mommy? Well then why not let her know how you feel by using our ABDL Valentine special all this month to call her.  You can make a twenty minute call to your favorite Phone a Mommy all this month for $35.00 that is a $7.30 savings.  She will sure to be so very happy to have you be her Valentine! Some Mommies are even offering free minutes for Valentines Day so be sure to inquire with your Mommy on any of her personal specials she maybe offering.

Did you know?

Venus Goddess of Love (meaning sexual desire) was Cupid’s (meaning desire) Mother, she happened to very jealous over a princess called Psyche (meaning soul) while following out an order by his mother Cupid stuck himself with an arrow that made him fall madly in love with her. Together they bore a daughter named Voluptas (meaning pleasure).

Cupid appears naked but sometimes in diapers too! He is sometimes shown as an aby holding his bow and arrow and acts very child like. Images of Venus often have her disciplining him and even giving him a spanking because of his babyish mannerisms.

Your very own Mommy Venus is waiting to hear from all you cute and adorable diapered baby cupids out there, so be sure to let her know!


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