Fall is Fun
November 4, 2012
Sensual Spankings
November 8, 2012

The day of Thanksgiving is a rush for everyone involved especially the cookers trying to prepare all that yummy food is a job in itself.Then you have people running in and out making messes all over the place.School is out for four days parents pulling their hair out wishing there was school.That’s where ladies like us come in handy we can occupy and keep those naughty ones busy and they will have lots of fun with us.hehe Now you know just what type of fun we can have with those naughty ones maybe some corner time and maybe give them something to keep those naughty hands really busy so they will stay out of those diapers.As you know i don’t allow anyone to play in their diapers in my classroom if caught it will be a over my knee in front of everyone diaper down to the ankles for a good spanking.



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