Naughty Lacy
August 4, 2012
ab restraints,naughtytime behavior correction
August 7, 2012

Enjoy being teased don’t you if not then you most surely lied if not but then maybe just maybe you didn’t understand or know what would happen when you agreed to this now you are tied and handcuffed to the ceiling blindfolded and gagged your legs are in a spreader bar and you have nothing on except the loin cloth i handed you when you agreed to this type of fun.Now stop trying to move it will only increase the pressure on those cuffs.And we both know you don’t want that at all it will make you even more uncomfortable than you already are so now the teasing part begins with a flogger comingup your legs then tiny smack begins the more i use it on you the more intense it gets because i get harder and harder with the use of it i hear tiny moans coming out of your throat but guess what i don’t care you didn’t come to be to be babied and Victoria loves to tease little wimps like you.



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