April 4, 2010


  Here is hoping that everyone had a great Easter. I hope everybody plenty of chocolate bunnies and cream filled eggs or just your favorite candy. And that you got to be with or at least heard from all of your family. But the sad part is tomorrow its back to work and slipping back to our normal lives that we lead. Don’t be sad just think of the next holiday where you can have all this happiness all over again.   Daddy Paul
January 31, 2010

Sissy Boy

So here you come before Me dressed up looking like the little boy you were born to be.Well I suppose you are looking for Me to dress you up like the little sissy that you want to be? Strip down buck naked and let me dress you in the frilly panties and and tights with your puffy dress and and maybe some patent leather shoes. Now do you feel better about yourself? Since you now look so cute you can take care of Daddies desire to feel like a real man so down on your knees my little slut. Daddy Paul
January 24, 2010

What I Like

You know that Daddy always takes care of babies wants and needs,right? Well I like to be taken care of also. Some of the things I like are a nice back rub with hot oil,a good chilled glass of Chardony,a bubblebath,some 80’s rock music,and some good old fashioned sex. Do you think that one of these evenings you could stop by and take care of Daddy and enjoy a special evening?   Daddy Paul
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