December 19, 2010

From Me to You

  Well my fellow abies and all you wonderful mommies and daddies it is Christmas time again. So what I am giving you all is a big old hug( cause I am broke lol) I hope all of you get full of the holiday cheer and follow my lead and give out some heartfelt hugs to your loved ones and make them fell as special as they really are to you. Heck maybe it will be contagious and we could get a world hug and have peace on earth for real. Love you all.   Louie
March 14, 2010

Oh yes

I have come in to find that you have been a good little sissy girl for me today. You cleaned the house to a spotless tee. All the dishes are washed the trash is taken out and dinner is cooked and on the table ready with the wine already opened. So what do you have in mind? We eat dinner and you run a nice hot bath for me as you clean up the dishes. As I get out of the tub you dry me off and put my favorite robe on me and ask me to join you in the bedroom. There I find you already naked with a sly smile waiting for Daddy to make the rest of the evening oh so special for the both of us. So do you think you could make Daddy’s dream come true? Daddy Paul
February 19, 2010

Bad Girl

So is Daddies little angel gonna be good tonight? I have come home work to find that you have been a brat. You disobeyed the babysitter you trashed your bedroom and wouldn’t eat your lunch. I had to come home and turn you over my knee and be grounded to your room. Now you have got some ground to make up for your bad behavior. I don’t hate you but I have had a rough enough day so tell me what do you think you can do to make up for what you have done. Daddy Paul
January 24, 2010

What I Like

You know that Daddy always takes care of babies wants and needs,right? Well I like to be taken care of also. Some of the things I like are a nice back rub with hot oil,a good chilled glass of Chardony,a bubblebath,some 80’s rock music,and some good old fashioned sex. Do you think that one of these evenings you could stop by and take care of Daddy and enjoy a special evening?   Daddy Paul
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