July 10, 2017

ABDL Babysitter Fun

I got a call from a frantic mommy who just needed someone to watch her adult baby while he was on a date. Of course I would watch a little one so she could have some fun with a real man. I arrived at their house dressed in a tiny white dress, because what is the point of babysitting if you can’t tease the adult baby? As soon as his mommy left I took off my dress so the adult baby could see my sexy lingerie. I knew he was drooling but still treated him like he was no older than 2 years old. Soon I noticed he had a smelly diaper, so I had to change him. It was adorable how small his little penis was even while hard. I couldn’t help but tease the little baby, no wonder mommy went on a date. I called him all kinds of names like tiny man, and even let him touch my boobs. Can you believe he came before I even touched his special place to clean it for a fresh nappy? Barb 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #babysitterphonesex #babysitterroleplay #abdlbabysitter
May 18, 2014

It’s Time For Beddy Bye!

Brrr, It’s definitey time for my little ones to be wearing their footie pajamas! And you know what, it’s also time for me to be wearing mine! There are so many cute adult sized footie pajamas! I bought myself a pair of pink ones with silver stars, they’re so warm and I love how they make me feel like a little girl again! But you know, even in them you can tell I am not a little girl anymore the way they hug my curves and boobies! Yes, footie pajamas can be cute and naughty! What would be really fun is for me and you to dress up in matching pjs! Let’s do it! Janey 1-888-430-2010
September 2, 2012

Mommy’s Helper

When Mrs. Ford called me about babysitting for her, I was very confused. As far as I knew, Mrs. Ford only had one son, his name was Jimmy and we had gone to high school together. This was two years later now; I had just turned 20 and figured that Jimmy would be around the same age. She was very nice when she called, but it seemed to me that she was skirting around something. Mrs. Ford said that it would probably be best if the first time I came over, I was just her Mommy’s helper. She said it would make it easier in the future. That way she could go over all the special details of taking care of the baby. I agreed, feeling a little uneasy, not knowing what to expect, but told her that I would be there the next day. At one o’clock in the afternoon the next day I knocked on the Ford’s door. Mrs. Ford answered the door and invited me in. “He’s just about to wake up from his nap,” she whispered. “Come on, you can meet him.” We walked up the stairs and into one of the bedrooms. It was just the cutest nursery, with teddy bear wall paper, a changing table, and a wooden crib with a beautiful mobile spinning above it. At first I didn’t realize what was different, but as I approached the crib where I could hear the cooing baby I realized—that is a very big changing table, and that crib, I thought, that crib is huge. When I peered down I saw a pair of big blue eyes looking up at me. It was Jimmy! Jimmy, who I had seen all through my schooling. We had never been friends or even acquaintances, but I had seen him at school, he seemed to be the type to keep to himself. But a sweet kid none the less. A sweet baby, I guess, I thought as I looked down at him. This is—not what I was expecting, I thought to myself. But he looked so darn cute in his little onesie and his messy head of hair, I smiled at him and he instantly smiled back and started giggling. “Samantha,” Mrs. Ford said, “this is baby Jimmy.” I just couldn’t help myself, I reached down and tickled his tummy, “hiya baby Jimmy,” I said. Oh he just loved that! He kicked his little legs and giggled. For the rest of the day I followed Mrs. Ford around and helped her take care of Jimmy. She showed me how to change his diaper and feed him and the kinds of games he liked to play. Jimmy was just about the cutest little guy I had ever taken care of. “Taking care of adult babies is pretty fun,” I told Mrs. Ford at the end of the day. “I would love to come back and take care of him!” xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
July 28, 2012

Itty Bitty Peepee

Who’s Sammy’s itty bitty peepee ABy? Hmmmm? You are, that’s right little one. My goodness, I didn’t know peepee’s could be so little! Look! It’s smaller than my pinky!! And you just can’t stop playing with it, can you? It’s no wonder you like being dressed up like an ABy girl, with a peepee so small we can hardly consider you male. How did it get so tiny, huh? I know, you’ve been playing with it too much. Yes that must be it. What’s that now? You want to put that thing inside of me? Hahahahahaha, you must be joking, that tiny thing would get lost, even in my tight little cunny. Besides, when I fuck, it’s for pleasure, and there’s no way I’d even be able to feel that little cocktail weenie. I know you can’t stop fantasizing about my tight little body—my perky little tits, my firm bottom, and my soft pink lips. But you can just forget about that right now. You’ve got no chance of ever getting close. Go ahead and try though. I laugh and laugh as you tug furiously on that pathetic little thing. Watching you get all worked up touching your itty bitty peepee is hilarious! Would you like to show me how you play with your itty bitty peepee, teeheehee! Just give me a call silly ABy. xoxo Babysitter Samantha
May 30, 2012

spanking sex

Spanking sex is such a fun naughty time for all! Mommy crissy gets a real thrill out of letting you spank her sweet hot ass. I also really enjoy spanking your as as well when you need some correcting of your behavior. I love to wear sheer nighties so u can get a nice look at how lushious my breasts are just right for feeding my little one and maybe some titty play time. Give me the pleasure of being your abdl sitter or your abdl playmate. We can hide away and play patty cake with each other for as long as you like. We can learn how to give each other all the sexy massages possible. Anything and everything that you always wanted to try but were not sure who to try it with I can’t wait to be on the receiving end of that kinda naughtiness. Very sweet but I can be very strict and tell you just what you are gonna do next. Cute outfits and fun creative diapering techniques are definitely in my bag of tricks. I make it very clear that Mommy is boss so you have to follow my rules and you will do so with a cute smile on your face. I will make sure that you are very happy with me at all times. I will thoroughly create a safe and fun playground for us to explore each other in. I know just how to show you how a real woman should be treated. All the secret ways I need to be taken care of. Give mommy a call now 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402 XXXXXCrissyXXXXXX  
January 30, 2012

Mean Teen Abie Sitter!

I love abie sitting! The look on your face as soon as your mommy walks out the door is priceless! It is a look of sheer terror! You know that a mean ABDL sitter like me, is going to taunt and tease you, humiliate and abuse you! All for my pure enjoyment! Making you crawl around in a diaper, and having you soak it in front of everyone! LMAO And even dressing you up in your sisters clothes and making you look like the little sissy abie that you are! The best part is that by the time your mommy comes back home, everything is back to normal, and she invites me back to sit for you this weekend! Can’t wait to see you again!!! XOXOXO Mean ABIE sitter Jenna http://phoneamommy.com
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