Hot Steamy Bath With Abdl Mommy
July 10, 2017
Femdom Fuck
September 12, 2017

I got a call from a frantic mommy who just needed someone to watch her adult baby while he was on a date. Of course I would watch a little one so she could have some fun with a real man. I arrived at their house dressed in a tiny white dress, because what is the point of babysitting if you can’t tease the adult baby? As soon as his mommy left I took off my dress so the adult baby could see my sexy lingerie. I knew he was drooling but still treated him like he was no older than 2 years old. Soon I noticed he had a smelly diaper, so I had to change him. It was adorable how small his little penis was even while hard. I couldn’t help but tease the little baby, no wonder mommy went on a date. I called him all kinds of names like tiny man, and even let him touch my boobs. Can you believe he came before I even touched his special place to clean it for a fresh nappy?

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