Sissy’s Big Day
September 2, 2013
Fifty Shades of Spankings: Behavioral Adjustment Spankings
September 6, 2013

He never thought it would be this way he always felt he was in control of all things in his life until he met me.Now look at this wimp of a puppy i lead him around on all fours just like the dog he really is.Ah but just think you get to sleep in the floor at the foot of my bed might even hear things happening in the night,love watching him slurp at his food as he eats it out of his special food bowl i bought just for him.It has little paw prints all over the sides its so cute suits this puppy just great.

I take him out for walks on his leash and chain with just a diaper covering his bottom  as we get farther and farther around the block he gets nervous but i know why we are getting closer to his girlfriends house and she doesn’t know he is my puppy slave wonder what would happen if i took him up to her front door i do believe he just might pee his diaper now that would be funny since i do love humiliating him.



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