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June 27, 2012
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June 30, 2012
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Sissy Fag Ty Has a Crush on My Boyfriend!

Ms Ava:  Please allow me to send to you this message to Master Steve, that you graciously said you might read to him, in the hopes that someday he might agree to speak to me on the phone, so that he can hear in person my admiration and devotion of him, as well as my fear and shame as he humiliates me:

Sir: My mistress Ava, whom you know, has told me of your prowess as a man.  As soon as she told me about you, I was instantly excited and desiring to speak to you.  Of course, she has said that she could never be interested in me sexually or otherwise, as I am a loser and not a real man, and a sissy and fag who constantly talks to her about my gay crush on my best friend mark, as well as my deisres to serve him as a houseboy to attend to all of his needs.  However, it is extremely unlikely that I will ever confess my desires to Mark, as he would instantly dismiss me as a friend and never have anything to do with me for the rest of my life, which obviously I do not want.  So she is encouraging me to make myself and my desires available and known to other strong men, in the hope, that even if I annot serve them in person, I might otherwise serve them or have contact with them.

I want to serve you Master. I long to hear your strong voice command me and abuse me.  I would absolutely melt just at hearing the sound of your voice.  then when we are talking- and afterwards for many nights- I might imagine and obsess about what you might do to me in person, and how I might you as a house servant. For instance, I could bathe you every day, and after drying you off, drop to my knees and kiss your feet, and th en do whatever you want.  If you wanted to spank me, even in public, of course, I would be very grateful to you, Sir.  You might slap my face and whip me.  Other times, I  know you might piss on me or shoot your load on my face.  I would then have to walk around with the cum on my face and not wipe it off so that everyone would know I was a cumslave and a loser and not a real man.  Also, I would get a collar with your name engraved on it, so that everyone would know that I was your property, and perhaps, one day you might lead me around on a leash, even to a mall.

Sir: I hope that I have not offended you, and that you will consider speaking to me or having me as your servant in some manner.  I have other desires, which I have confessed to Ms Ava, but I am still somewhat shy about expressing to you.

thank you.

-your devoted servant, Ty

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