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June 29, 2012
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Mommy’s lullabies for abie

Mommy crissy likes to take her little abies in her arms and rock them to sleep with some nice lullabies.

My very sweet abie boy Chris was with me the other day and we went for a trip to the abie store for a new

crib for him to fall asleep in while mommy sings him night night songs.

We were walking around the store and the sales lady came right up to Chris and smiled down at him

and pinched his cute little rosey cheeks and said “What an adorable wittle bitty abie you have here”.

“Thank you,He can be a real handful sometimes but so worth my worry” I replied while patting Little

Chris on the head.

With that he runs off in the other direction. Naughty mis-behaving thing that he is.

“Christian, you march back here this instant!!“,I try to hold back my angry tone.

He comes stomping back,”But mommy crissy I thought I saw a big red toy truck I just wanted a closer look then I was going right back to your side.” he tugs the hem of my dress waiting for my reply.

“Alright mister,you know the rules u are naughty in anyway and u have to make amends,this is so u learn your lesson and don’t continue with the wrong behavior, we will discuss my method of modifying your actions when we get home.” I stare him down with a very stern look and he cowers beside me.

he knows he may be getting a dose of diaper discipline.





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