I’ve got something sweet for you!
July 24, 2011
Panty Boy Caught
July 28, 2011


Most of my callers want to find their feminine side. They long to become my sissy and treated like the delicate boi they are. They enjoy being dolled up and regressed, told of all the things females do and taught how to act and how to look. Others want to become fully submissive and have me treat them like a little sissy slut. Some want to be my complete cuckold slave and denied pleasure and used for demoralizing chores and humiliated. Whichever their pleasure I am always happy to oblige. I love to dress them in frilly little outfits, teach them to shave, paint their nails; do up their hair and make-up. I make them perform acts for my guest, pleasure my boyfriends, they so enjoy being exposed and performing sissy acts. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to watch my sissy sub come to my devious demands!

Do you need lessons on how to become a sissy wench?

Then Call Mizz. Rebecca for your lesson now!


International 714*442*2402



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