Sissy Becomes You!
July 24, 2011
ABDL Chat Room Slumber Party
July 28, 2011

“Well now, isn’t this a surprise.”

You jump ten feet as you twirl around at my little comment, my dirty panties still clenched in your hands, still pressed upon your nose.

“Now what would your mother say if she knew you were rummaging through my dirty panties?  That when you were supposed to be helping your neighbor with projects around the house, you were actually fondling her panties; sniffing her panties; licking her panties.  Think she would be proud to know her son has a major panty fetish?”

I can’t help but chuckle to myself as you stutter and stammer, at first trying to deny, but then begging me not to tell, that you will do anything, anything at all if I would only promise to keep this little indiscretion private.

“Hmmmm…anything? You will do what ever I say?”

You nod frantically, grasping at the one life line I seem to be throwing you. Glancing at your young, firm body, at the pup tent that is ever present inside those pants of yours, a wicked little smile comes across my face.  Oh yes, I can think of quite a few things for you to do.

“All right my dear, but you will have to do EXACTLY as I say…”



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