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March 2, 2013
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March 3, 2013

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Sometimes sissies can’t accept who they really are, you know, sissies in denial. They try to act like they’re really guys and they love girls and blah blah blah. HA! Come on stupid sissy! Everyone else can see what a sissy loser you are, how come you can’t just embrace it??

Well I see this a lot since I’m always babysitting these little dum dums. After a couple ABies who were totally sissies, but acted like they weren’t I came up with a special system to take care of them. See, I figure, they gotta learn some time or another that they’re sissies, and they gotta start acting like sissies. So here’s what I do, I just give ‘em a little push in the right direction hehehe.

When it comes time for diaper changing, I set ‘em up on the changing mat and open up their diaper. I act like everythings totally normal and go about wiping their messy little bottom, get rid of that old dirty diaper, and pull out a fresh one. I slide that new diaper under ‘em and I take some lotion and rub it all over their peepee (sissy clitty!) and start to rub it over their bottom. Now here’s where it gets fun! See, I hide a plug to stick up their sissy bottom before I start the diaper change, so when I get to this part I rub the lotion between their little cheeks and pay special attention to their tight little hole. Of course, sissies love having their little b-holes rubbed hehehe, so you won’t hear any complaints, even if they’re in denial! Once that little holes all lubed up I sneakily grab the plug and shove it up their sissy butt!! Then I gotta be real quick getting their diaper taped up ‘cause they kinda freak out when they feel it go in hehehehe!!

The first time I tried that my little sissy cried and whined and kicked her little sissy legs and begged me to take it out. Hehehe I just giggled while I watched her squirming around. But it wasn’t long before my sissy started to accept her sissification! Now I do it with all sissies in denial and it works like a charm!

xoxo Sissy Sitter Samantha

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