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March 4, 2014
Clean your toys up!
March 9, 2014

You had the nerve to actually ask me what I will do to naughty little boys.  A slow, knowing smile crosses my face – you want to know what I do to naughty boys? To you? Very well, I’ll tell you:

I will put a cute little frilly dress on you and put you in timeout with your thumb in your mouth, so everyone can see how big of a baby you really are. I will make not only you, but all extremely naughty little boys, run outside to the big tree in my yard and pick a switch.  Not only that, but I will also make sure my neighbors are outside when you run out there to grab a switch for mommy, with your little pink frilly dress on and that bare bottom showing for all to see. Then I will lay that switch down in full view of you, letting you know that I will use it on you if you become really bad and are in need of a more extensive punishment.

As you can see, I have a very low tolerance for bad babies and will not accept any back talk or obstinate behavior to any degree!




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