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February 18, 2012
Not A Mommy
February 20, 2012
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Young Man

You look so adorable all dressed up in that cute Pink outfit well you did ask for it did you not.Should have never gotten into my dresser where my panties were if you didn’t want to be forced into being a little sissy.I had warned you last summer never to let it happen again but oh no you just couldn’t resist could you.

Poor little sissy waits till i go grocery shopping and sneak into my bedroom and go thru my clothes especially my panty and bra’s what you didn’t know was i just went around the block to give you enough rope to hang your little sissy neck. Aww my  grandson didn’t think his grandma would coax him to come out of the closet so soon did you,so now my little sissy i am going to send you back to mommy and daddy when the summer is over as a sissy lol won’t you be so cute going to school this way with everyone laughing and staring at you just think of all the male friends you will have.



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