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Fetish Audio Recordings

Ever wish you could hear your Mommy’s voice anytime you want?  Well with ABDL Audio Recordings you can do just that!  I have a few callers who send me scripted dialogue for their recordings and I just love making these for my adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy babies.  There is one caller in particular who I will call Jon who sends me some of the best scripts and I have so much fun making them for him.  I just love the idea of you lying in bed in the dark listening to my voice and getting excited.  Jon is a naughty little boy who is too big for his britches I would like to share one of his scripts with you.  This is the first installment in an on going Spank fest with Mommy Ava and Little Jon

“Video games?  Again?”  *Sighs*  “Didn’t we have a conversation about this just last week? “


“Oh, I think we did.  Well, my hand and your bare, white-as-cotton, little backside had a nice long talk.  You don’t remember that?  You don’t remember me taking you over my knee?  You don’t remember your bottom all bare and facing the sky?  Really?  Hmmm…so you don’t remember how you kicked and cried and promised to be good while I reddened your bottom and made it all nice and hot for you?”


“Awww…you’re blushing!  You do remember.  I guess I can make an impression on you when I put my mind to it.  It’s too bad that that impression doesn’t seem to last.  I seem to recall being very clear about things when I left the house this morning – as soon as you got home from school you were supposed to…what was it?”

“Right, do homework and your chores, but, well, look what we have here…video games!  Is playing on your Play Station one of your chores?  Hmm, is it?  Did you teacher say, ‘Jonny, for your homework tonight I want you to go home and play all the video games you can.’  Well, did she?  No, exactly.  I am sure she didn’t.  I bet she would be very disappointed to hear that  you find messing around on your games more important than your education.”

“Actually, perhaps I will write her a note to tell her.  Oh no, you shush your little mouth.  I can to tell her.  Oh, I know you don’t want me to.  I know all about your little crush on your teacher.  Aww, blushing again.  So cute! Well, I don’t blame you, Miss Simpson sure is pretty.  Such long blonde hair, and those curls!  And her face – it’s like an angel’s.  But oh, you’ve noticed some other things about her huh?  I’m sure she would love to know about that note you wrote in your notebook.  What was it?  ‘her bottom is like…’ how did you describe it?  And her breasts…wow,  I had no idea you could turn that red!”

“Yes, I think your teacher would be very interested to hear about how you skip out on homework to mess around with video games.  In fact, I might just suggest she turn you over her knee herself.  Can you imagine how that would feel? Can you?  Draped right over your pretty teacher’s knee as she smacks away at your bare bottom.  I bet she could have you sniffling and crying in no time!  That’s exactly what I am going to do.  I’m going to write to Miss Simpson and suggest she put you right over her knee in front of your whole class and paddle  your little, naughty, bare bottom until it just glows.  Then she should stand you in the corner so everyone can see what happens to boys who neglect their homework.”

“Please don’t? Aww, it’s so adorable how you think I should do the things you ask when you ignore me whenever I ask you to do something.  Let’s see if you can follow directions.  If you can perhaps I won’t write to your teacher.  Let’s see…oh right, first, bare your bottom.  Take your jeans and underwear right off.”

“Good boy.  So you can listen!  Now, march your bare, little butt downstairs to the kitchen and bring me back the wooden spatula – the big one I use for pancakes.  Your step-sister is down there?  I know she is.  Of course she will see you!  It will be a good lesson for both of you.  She’s been getting a little too big for her britches lately as well, and it will be a good reminder for both of you to behave.  Or if you want to keep stalling I could go down with you and spank you in front of her.  That would be a good lesson.  Do I need to take you downstairs and spank you in front of Mandy?  Do I?  Afterwards, since you can’t do the little things I ask, you can sit on your sore, red, stingy bottom and write a note to your teacher asking for her to spank you as well.  Oh, you will go and get it.  Off you go then….”

“That was fast!  You must have ran!  Mandy saw you?  Well, we knew she would.  Hopefully she learned something so she doesn’t find herself over my knee as well.  Now then young man, ask me nicely to spank  you.  Yes, ASK.  We are seeing if you can do what I ask you to do, remember?  Say, ‘Mommy, I misbehaved and played video games instead of doing what you asked.  Please spank my naughty, bare, disobedient little bottom until it is red, stingy, sore and smarting just too much to sit on.’  Go on, say it….aww…perfect.  Perhaps you can do as you are told after all my blushing little boy.  Alright, over my knee you go.  Let’s get that bottom of yours taken care of – one sore, red bottom coming up…”


If you have a favorite scenario, write a script and have your favorite mommy make a Fetish Audio Recording just for you for only $39.35 per 10 min recording.

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