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February 20, 2012
AB/DL Mommy
February 24, 2012
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Not A Mommy

I may not be a mommy, But I sure know how to take good care of my ABIE friends! Giving them the tender love and care they crave, or the strict discipline they deserve. I love abie feeding time! Fixing you a nice warm bottle! Having you lie on your back holding your sweet lil abie bottle full of milk! Or perhaps you have been a naughty abie! Wetting the bed at night without  a care in the world! That is until its time to be punished! I will bend you over my knees and swiftly spank you, bare abdl bottom with an open hand! The abies I take care of cherish my love and attention! So even though Im “not a mommy” , I sure know how to act like one!

Come Play In My Abdl Toy Box!



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