February 20, 2012

Not A Mommy

I may not be a mommy, But I sure know how to take good care of my ABIE friends! Giving them the tender love and care they crave, or the strict discipline they deserve. I love abie feeding time! Fixing you a nice warm bottle! Having you lie on your back holding your sweet lil abie bottle full of milk! Or perhaps you have been a naughty abie! Wetting the bed at night without  a care in the world! That is until its time to be punished! I will bend you over my knees and swiftly spank you, bare abdl bottom with an open hand! The abies I take care of cherish my love and attention! So even though Im “not a mommy” , I sure know how to act like one! Come Play In My Abdl Toy Box! Jenna 1-888-430-2010 http://phoneamommy.com
January 30, 2012

Mean Teen Abie Sitter!

I love abie sitting! The look on your face as soon as your mommy walks out the door is priceless! It is a look of sheer terror! You know that a mean ABDL sitter like me, is going to taunt and tease you, humiliate and abuse you! All for my pure enjoyment! Making you crawl around in a diaper, and having you soak it in front of everyone! LMAO And even dressing you up in your sisters clothes and making you look like the little sissy abie that you are! The best part is that by the time your mommy comes back home, everything is back to normal, and she invites me back to sit for you this weekend! Can’t wait to see you again!!! XOXOXO Mean ABIE sitter Jenna http://phoneamommy.com
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