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April 7, 2014
Pretty Sissy
April 18, 2014
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pantie sissy



Pantie sissy love’s his pantie’s, he even collect’s them.

His new girlfriend wonder’s where her pantie’s are all the time on laundry

day sissy just hide’s them in his special spot. When he is all alone he feel’s he

has enough privacy to play in front of his window, he like’s knowing there is a chance

he could get caught & part of him want’s too.

Last night he slipped into his prettiest pink panties with the ruffle bottom’s and he

decided to open the curtain’s wide and strut like a proud sissy does then would’nt you

know it his girlfriend came home to surprise him. Very surprised and excited as well

he layed on the floor sucking his thumb. She walked in and picked him up like an ab

and rocked him to sleep.




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