Bed Wetter
June 24, 2011
Mommy’s Lingerie
June 27, 2011

Twas a warm spring night and
all through the house.
Not a creature was stirring
with the exception of “Mr. Mouse!”
Biggio the cat was all snuggled up
in his bed.
Dreams of a fat juicy mouse most
likely running through his head.

Up pops Mr. Mousy through a tiny
hole in the floor.
He scampers right past that cat making
it to the cabinet door…
Hops into a drawer and begins to
rummage around.
The slumbering cat doesn’t even
hear a sound.

Now, Mr. Mousy is having a blast
playing about.
That is until the drawer is quickly
pulled out!
There’s a scream and suddenly Mr. Mousy
hits the floor…
Too close for comfort… by the cat’s
bed on the floor.

All too quickly the cat is set into motion,
as he stirs from slumber having heard
all the commotion!
What??? …is someone tap dancing on MY
kitchen floor?
Gaining his composure he pounces upon
Mr. Mousy over by the cabinet door.

Now, Mr. Mousy rolls over and begins to
play dead…
The cat soon tires and considers going
back to his bed.
Mr. Mousy seizing the moment, recovers
in a flash.
Taking off in a most frenzied dash!

The cat is left standing in utter confusion.
Could this be a bad dream or possibly an
optical illusion?
“NO, this has to be real,” his nose once again
catches Mr. Mousy’s scent…
“How dare that disorderly mouse leave
without MY consent!”

The cat is not finished with this
unwelcome guest…
He has just entered into a
“mouse hunting quest!”
He can be found most often over by
that cabinet door.
Or lying with his nose real close
to that tiny hole in the floor.

So Mr. Mousy you better “beware”…
Mr. Biggio’s watching for ya to come
sneaking around there!!!

Martha Franks April 12, 2000

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