Back in to Diapers
August 10, 2010
My little Bitch!
August 12, 2010


Sometimes Mamma has advice for you and you just know in your little heart that you know better than she does. So you go out and do as you please. Maybe you even get away with it. You start to feel very pleased with yourself and the next thing you know you’re doing something else she has advised against. It feels so good to make your own decisions and to be right. Mamma didn’t know what on earth she was talking about. Then it happens though, you slip up. This fun you have been having turns bad very quickly. Who is it you run to with hopes that you’ll be told it will be all right? That same Mamma who you thought was surely not as smart as you were. No matter what my babies do I am there for them. So never be afraid to fall back in Mommy’s arms.


Mommy Shirley

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