The Dusky Duck
June 13, 2011
Our Unsung Hero
June 18, 2011


I want to start off telling you that Mommy Liz loves each and every one of you little guys and gals. You’re so sweet and tender and I can’t express how much I enjoy talking with you and sharing our ideas together. We all have different hobbies and passions. One of mine is exercising. Not only do I like feeling better for having done it, it gets me into a good place mentally.
Not all exercise has to be traditional though. Did you know that you can burn off about 120-350 calories just kissing? Who doesn’t love to kiss? So if you can burn off that little bit with making out and kissing just think what else you could do with Mommy to get our mommy aby exercise in? I’m not sure about diaper changes, but if any of you abys know how much that burns be sure to tell Mommy.

Mommy Lizabeth

your Southern ABDL Mommy

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