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October 26, 2012
Adventures of AbyTy
October 28, 2012

Halloween is a very special time for many ABies and Mommy’s. It is an occasion when mommies can dress their ABies up, even little sissies and take them out for all to see. We can go out and take our little ones trick or treating. We can pick out sweet, humiliating dresses for our sissies. This is my favorite holiday.

I can’t wait to see all the different costumes that my little ones are going to wear. And I think a little trick or treating role play is in order to celebrate. Mommy will get you all ready to go out, making sure you have a fresh, clean diaper under your costume. And we can’t forget to pack the diaper bag, just in case mommy needs to stop and change your diaper in the stroller along the way.

And just maybe, if you are extra messy and squirmy, we will have to ask one of the neighbors if I can come in and use their floor or couch to give you a change. Mommy will lay you down on your changing pad, right there in front of everyone gathered to celebrate. I know you are embarrassed, but you can’t go around in a messy diaper under your costume. Maybe the neighbor lady will even offer to give mommy a hand in getting you changed.

There are lots of different scenarios we can incorporate into our trick or treating Halloween role play. All you have to do is give mommy a call. Halloween really is for ABies.

Mommy Josie



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