Halloween Dress Up
October 25, 2012
Halloween for ABies
October 27, 2012

Do you what day it is?  It’s the day that one of your “Uncles” comes over for a very special visit.  Now don’t be like that, you know how much all your Uncles adore coming over and visiting with you.  And you know how they like you cleaned up extra special for them.  You need to be a good boy for Uncle, or he will be very cross with you, and punish you severely – you remember last time you were naughty and got punished, now don’t you?  By that wide-eyed look of terror, I am gathering that you do.  It hurt more then you possibly could have imagined, now didn’t it, so be a good boi and get you cleaning.

Now hop up on the table, and let me insert the enema nozzle up that sissy hole of yours my dear.  Uncle has made a special request this week.  He wants you to hold your water until he arrives, and then see you empty your bowels into a double layered diaper in front of him.  So after I make you take the two quarts, I am going to plug you up with an inflatable plug, diaper you up, and get you dressed exactly how Uncle like you – pink frilly dress, lace gloves, white anklet socks with Mary Janes.  And you know how much he likes your pink lips gloss, don’t you!

Yes my sweet little sissy boi, it will become uncomfortable, and more then just a little painful holding your water until Uncle gets here; but he wants to make sure you have a good cleaning, so if you feel the need to cry, you go right ahead and let those tears flow – Uncle likes to see you cry too, hehehe.

Ready for your cleaning my diapered sissy?




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