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Adventures of AbyTy



My little married caller, a man who said he is straight, but always seems to find himself indulging in forced bi phone sex.  ha ha- but in our calls he begs me to tell him stories about how his best friend, Mark (who is very masculine) dominates and humiliates him- is again begging me to publically tell everyone what a sissy he is and how he LOVES the idea of being made a baby by Mark.  So, Ty, here is your little wish fulfilled, although you know that I believe that mark and your wife should be told the truth about how you’re just a faggot into fetish phone sex:

Daddy Mark and ty’s wife take baby ty ty to a mall because he keeps whining that he wants to go.  Daddy Mark spanks him each time- in front of his wife- but even though he is crying and red faced and lying on Daddy Mark’s lap, still wants to go.  First, his wife tells ty to call Mark: Da-da- which makes her laugh hysterically.  AS before, when ty does this, he looks adoringly into Daddy Mark’s eyes as if he is really his daddy, not his best friend.  His wife is disgusted by that and slaps ty, but he still cries to go to the mall.  So, Daddy Mark and Ty’s wife put him in new diapers, with pink plastic rhumba pants and a pink bonnet.  His wife shoves a cock pacifer into Ty’;s mouth and slaps him again.  They get in the car with ty in  the car seat.  During the ride, ty starts crying, and his wife insists that he won’t stop crying unless he is placed in Daddy Mark’s lap.  Daddy Mark dandles him on his knee and ty s tarts cooing at him and making gurgling noises.  Ty’s wife pulls the car over, as she is very angry, and spanks ty in the car.  Ty is forced to lie down over Daddy’s crotch, staring at it the rest of the trip.  When they get  to the mall, Ty;s wife and Mark, his best friend, hold hands and Ty;s wife tells ty to take Daddy Mark’s hand.  Ty does this and the three of them w alk around until they get to the food court.  There ty starts stamping his feet and saying he wants “fwies”.  His wife tell him to shut up, but he doesn’t, so Daddy mark takes his pink baby clothes off and starts spanking him.  ty starts crying and soon the whole food court is laughing at him.  His wife get out a aby bottle, and gives it to Mark who puts in his best friend’s mouth.  Again, ty stops crying and gazes up into Mark’e eyes…




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