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October 21, 2009
It’s The Great Pumpkin!
October 25, 2009


Some of my favorite role plays are those that involve science fiction,I think it is mostly because it is a true escapism from reality.  In our minds we are free to venture into the world of make believe. We can morph into any creature of our choosing. The scenery, we create can be magical and mysterious with luminous surroundings and fascinating creatures, or can be mundane desolate lands, while we walk lost, and stranded.

Now what I love most about this role play scene, is the mouse is finally getting her revenge against that bad ole pussy cat and although the cat may have consented to dressing up she may not have at all expected what other devious scheme this wise and dominate mouse had in mind!

So what are you waiting for let us break free from our humdrum daily routines and play!

Mommy Sara

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