your little sissy baby self
August 7, 2009
Mommy’s Magic Bracelet
August 26, 2009

After another long day of my 9 to 5 life I have come to realize my job is what it is a job. Like most people I work for a living and don’t really like what I am doing. (not my job here, but the non diaper related one) But the way things are today who can afford to just pack up and try to find another one. So I try to make the most fun out of it a possible. Like imagining you crotchety old boss in a diaper and bid or being dress up sissy style. Or you can even do this with your clients and when you are there you can have a grin on your face the whole time. So whatever type of employment you have try using you imagination to make the most fun while you are there.

Daddy Paul


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