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Fetish Memories, Where It All Began



How Do They Begin

Some of us can remember the exact moment in time when we became aware of our fetish of choice.  However, there are many who cannot remember the exact moment, or where too young to recognize it, although it remained in our sub-conscience self, awaiting the day to come to the forefront making it’s self known.  The events that cause ourwa nts and desires in the sexual realm can vary.  It can be something that was visual that you had a glimpse of.  It could of also been from a traumatic event which happened in your early life, and you find yourself unable to become aroused without going back in time and reliving the event.  Other times it can be sensory in nature, a certain smell, or the feel of a certain type of material you came into contact with at the time your subconscious was being fed the little morsel that has become for you now a fetish memory.

How Do You Deal With These Memories

There are some who cannot come to terms with the Fetish they now have.  There are true and honest feelings of guilt and shame.  Ninety-nine percent of the time this shame and guilt is self imposed due to not ever sharing the thoughts and actions you engaged in to those around you in your social life.  Mostly out of fear of rejection, or thoughts that you may lose your job, or feeling that if you expressed yourself, that the one you love would abandon you.  This is a valid fear one may have.  Not divulging fantasies or desire that someone might find offensive our outlandish can do more harm then good.  No-one should have to repress their feelings; granted; some fetishes revolve around actions that could be detrimental to another human being by causing them grave harm either: mentally, emotionally, or physically.  This further exacerbate the problem for some, as now they are in a mental state of having to repress everything.

What Can I Do IF I Fall Into The Above Category

There are a few different paths you can take to help yourself, you are not alone, nor are you without the resources to talk about these things. You could seek counseling, this may be the way to go for those who are suffering mental anguish over the fetish, or when the fetish becomes an addiction.  You could keep a journal and write all your thoughts down to rid yourself of the feelings you are trying to repress. Or you can talk to someone, someone who not only can empathize with you, but can help you indulge your fantasies in a safe and sane manner. This is one way which I, Myself, can help you.  That is what I am here for, not only for phone sex, but also a catalyst you can use to find some comfort, and be your true self with.  If you would like, I would love to become one of your new Fetish Memories.



















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